HR Foundation Plus

HR Foundation Plus

Are you a small business owner that is ready to create the solid Human Resources foundation from both an organizational culture and a compliance perspective?  

The Foundation Plus package is for you! HR is complicated, legal, and every word matters.  We get that. This program is for you if you want some DIY and some hands-on help to ensure your critical documents are customized SPECIFICALLY for your business based on your state and employee size.  

The Foundation Plus package provides the membership site, monthly webinars, a customized handbook and up to 3 job descriptions that include the voice of your business! Yes, your culture, your feel, with all the legal fun built-in. 


Does Human Resources give you the feeling of running in the other direction?  Yes?  This is for you! Do you want to ensure that the employment policies are written with state, federal and local laws in mind?  Do you realize that every word matters and want to ensure that they are in the right order (and reviewed by an employment law attorney)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is for you!


Along with everything in Foundation Basic program for one year, you will receive two (2) 1-hour phone consults to customize your handbook and job descriptions. The first is the customization. The second is reviewing the documents and making any final tweaks. Total of two revisions of each document.  


It is scary and you want it done right. Period. 


There is an upfront one-time investment of $3,500.  (This can be split into three monthly payments of $1,200.)

9 Modules

Customized Handbook Development

Your employee handbook legally protects you, sets clear expectations for your staff, and guides your management team.  

Think of an easy button for you and your team.  Step-by-step what is ok and what is not ok.  This may not be so simple, but we break it down for you, gaining the specifics to your organization and culture to customize this handbook, or playbook as we like to call it, specifically for your organization. 

Customized Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions are written for each position inside of your organization.  Think clarity in measurable goals balanced with the skill set, education and physical abilities to do the job.  

There is a subtle art to writing job descriptions in a way that inspire your staff, attract the perfect candidate and provide legal protections from various labor laws such as EEOC, ADA and FLSA to name a few.

Americans with Disabilities Act

This module is designed to give you a better understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Lessons include:

  • What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?
  • Reasonable Accommodation
  • Interactive Process
  • ADA and Job Applicants

Employee Engagement- The Secret to Increasing Productivity

Employee engagement.  You've heard the buzz about it.  And let's be real.  It has a BIG impact on your business.  Yet it can feel overwhelming to not only try to measure engagement in your organization, but also implementing initiatives to increase it.  This module is designed to build that confidence, and give you actionable steps to increase engagement within your organization. 

Interviewing and Hiring 101

Looking to hire a new (or even your first) employee?  Here's all you need to know about interviewing and hiring!


Compliance.  It can oftentimes seem confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming.  Yet it's an important piece to any organization.  Being on top of compliance can protect the integrity of your company as well as protect you from unwanted audit findings and lawsuits.    

In this module, we'll provide you with the information you need to rest easy and sleep better at night.  We'll break down the information in easy to follow sections, as well as provide tools to help set your organization up for success. 

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture.   It's a big concept, with a lot of buzz.  But what does it really mean?  Does it really matter?  And how do you go about defining the culture of your organization?  



Independent Contractors Vs. Employees

Independent Contractors Vs. Employees ... oh my!

What is the difference between Independent Contractors and Employees?

Why does proper classification matter?

In this module, you'll learn how to look at Behavioral Control, Financial Control, and Type of Relationship to determine how an individual should be classified.  

We'll also provide you with the key ingredients to be included in an Independent Contractor contract.

After completing this module, you'll walk away feeling as confident as a Rock Star knowing you are classifying and paying individuals correctly.


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