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Your business is taking off and a key challenge is scaling your business!  Hiring the right people- either on an employee or independent contractor basis- to assist you in those areas that you are not great at.  Why?  So you can focus on your zone of genius and what you do incredibly well!  

We are thrilled that you have made the choice to move your business to the next level.


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Independent Contractors Vs. Employees

4 Lessons

Independent Contractors Vs. Employees ... oh my!

What is the difference between Independent Contractors and Employees?

Why does proper classification matter?

In this module, you'll learn how to look at Behavioral Control, Financial Control, and Type of Relationship to determine how an individual should be classified.  

We'll also provide you with the key ingredients to be included in an Independent Contractor contract.

After completing this module, you'll walk away feeling as confident as a Rock Star knowing you are classifying and paying individuals correctly.


Ideal Employee Profile

1 Lessons

You're about to bring on your first or a new employee.  But how do you attract the individual?  And how do you ensure that you are not only hiring someone with the right skill set, but also someone who will succeed within the culture of the organization?

This is where the Ideal Employee Profile comes into play.  

Engage and Retain

1 Lessons

Employee engagement is key to ensuring the continued growth of your organization.  Did you know that your workplace culture plays a significant role in engagement?  When you create a culture that is open, inviting and engaging you:

  • Meet the needs of and retain staff
  • Create opportunities for growth
  • Better serve your customers
  • Save money (and time!) by not being in a continual recruitment and training process