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We partner with you to authentically and confidently remove the barriers to your business success through enrolling and unleveling your people! Yes, sometimes the up-leveling means at a different organization.   

Here's the thing - our goal is that your problem gets solved.  Not just the presenting issue. The real, root cause, problem.  The one that is buried 7 layers below the surface. That is the problem that we are seeking to solve with you. Yes, we will create a plan for the current presenting issues and follow up after the fact to ensure that you have what you need to be successful with the goal of a win-win solution for everyone involved. 

Here is how it works: 

  • Sign up for a 1-hour zoom session.  
  • Complete the “What do you need to succeed” form before the call.
  • We problem solve throughout the call to clarify the problem and come up with several prioritized solutions that may work for you.  

You will receive: 

  • Specific action steps of ways to turn your insights into action to get the results you desire.  
  • Possible resources to assist in solving the specific concern.
  • Follow up from me to see how it went via e-mail.  
  • One 15-minute debrief call. 

Still have questions? 

  • Send me an e-mail at
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HR Solutions Session

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Do you have a specific HR problem to solve?

This problem may be attracting the wrong employees, lack of productivity, a culture that does not match your values, no HR expertise on your team, or the need to discipline and or terminate an employment relationship.